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We work hard to attend to all communication channels of your organization. We analyze the status-quo and develop concepts that ensure the sustainability of your business objectives:

To accomplish this task we play on the entire keyboard of marketing.

Our long-lasting experience in the collaboration with professionals from all areas enables us to keep you up-to-date in the field of modern brand communication.

Our main objective in this context is to keep and communicate the authenticity of your organization.

Petra Nußbaum

Fon 030- 31 16 10 86


External Communication


The right strategy will lead to success

The world of marketing and communication is changing at an increasing pace. The virtual world is full of media and information. Their purpose and usefulness, however, is not always that evident.

Creative ideas and innovative concepts are the key to increase your brand awareness and find a place in the heart of your target market.

We offer:

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • Creative Communication

  • Media Consultancy and Planning

  • Corporate Branding + Design

  • Social Media

  • PR-Service

Petra Nußbaum

Fon 030- 31 16 10 86


Internal Communication

Leading people towards success

Will lead your company towards success

A communication strategy based on honesty and transparency will open this chance for your business. And a fair and honest cooperation leads to an increasingly productive working environment and minimizes the effects of power struggles and negative attitudes.
We offer:
  • An analysis of current structures and processes in your company

  • In-House Communication Concepts
  • Change Management
  • Ethics Management & Code of Conduct
  • Team building and motivational measures
  • Service training & training ‘on the job’
  • Management- / Employee-Coaching
  • Employer Branding

Frank Nußbaum

Fon 030-31 16 10 86


Financial Communication

Your Business is unique

But what exactly is it that attracts potential investors?

The successful communication of your company’s growth potential and value enhancement is quite a demanding challenge, and we are willing to support you to master this task. In this context it does not matter whether your company is listed on the capital market or not. As the head of the Berlin branch of PvF Investor Relations,

Frank Nussbaum offers professional Investor Relations support. His qualification, competence and reliability are the result of his long experience as CFO coupled with his experience as head of Investor Relations & Company Communication.


Fon 030- 31 16 10 86


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